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Dallas Bar Association - eMentoring

In 2010 the Dallas Bar Association partnered with Judge Barefoot Sanders Law Magnet to provide eMentors with the 10th grade class.  What started out with approximately 95 students have grown to over 125 students - as students and mentors have continued to stay in touch.  In eMentoring, students are paired with members of the legal community.  The mentoring relationship is cultivated through several planned face to face activities during the year and the Magnet Cluster teachers providing time in class for students to communicate with their mentors via email.  Several JBS Law Magnet graduates have volunteered through the Dallas Bar Association to mentor our students - truly living out Judge Sanders' credo - "What have you done for your community lately?"

We thank the Dallas Bar Association for their efforts in maintaining and growing this relationship that provides a lasting impact on our students. 

Junior and Senior Participation - eMentoring 2012-2013

Juniors and Seniors - if you would like to continue your eMentoring experience - please complete the form below by August 30th.  At this time eMentoring is only available for 11th and 12th graders.  Sophomores will be added to the eMentors list through their cluster classes the first six weeks of school.  Ninth graders will participate in our peer to peer tutoring program - Eagles Rising.